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Company Culture

Stepping Forward Together as one

We see our strengths in the quality of our people and our genuine relationships with clients, partners and communities.

Our commitment over the years is through continued development on all levels, along with learning, training and self-development. We continue to train fresh young minds and older enthusiastic ones to learn and grow, employ a very diverse group of staff and engage with suppliers and contractors from all walks of life.

We create opportunities and support for anyone with the will and determination to learn, grow as individuals whilst being open and inclusive.

Indigenous Engagement

We’re committed to offering employment opportunities to people from all walks of life and to provide meaningful opportunities and break the cycle of unemployment in our community through assisting Indigenous persons in their pursuit of employment.

Our action plan consists of several strategies to increase employment and retention, including:

  • Pre-employment training programs with direct employment pathways
  • Traineeships and Apprenticeships
  • Mentoring support and on-the-job training
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Supportive work environments

Together creating a better future

We are committed to building stronger relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the communities in which we operate.

We will continue to enrich the way we work through the ongoing engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with relationships built on mutual respect, proactive communication and trust.

Not only offering job opportunities with our business but working side by side with indigenous business & Supply chains.

Women in Business

Women make up a very small proportion of construction trades workers. Last year women accounted for less than 3% of construction trades workers across Australia, while making up 51% of the non-construction workforce’ as reported by the national association of women in construction. The female % of carpentry apprentices have been rising steadily since 2005 — growing 120%

Our Commitment

Engaging women in our business from administration staff through to tradespersons, with our target to increase our women in business to 20 % over the next 5 years

Apprentiships & Traineeships

Finlay Group Construction Pty Ltd is committed to helping our young people grow and develop within the construction industry, offering both apprenticeships and traineeships.

Our in-house apprentice training program allows our apprentices & trainees to feel like they have more of a say in their field by allowing them each quarter to choose what they would like to learn.

Our Goal

We are committed to growing the number of apprentices and traineeships within our business as our business grows. For every 15 tradespeople we target 1 apprentice/trainee .

I have learnt so much since I started working with Finlay Group, I love the diversity of jobs we do and appreciate that the team assists me in growing my skills and knowledge.

Breana Moore - HSE Advisor Trainee

Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity is about our individual differences and acknowledging the unique blend of knowledge, skills and perspectives people bring to the workplace.

Diversity can include characteristics such as cultural background and ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, language and education. Diversity also includes characteristics such as professional skills, working style, location, and life experiences.


An inclusive culture is one where everyone feels valued and respected and are able to fully contribute. It is about removing barriers to make sure everyone can fully participate in the workplace and have equal access to opportunities. Inclusion is about empowering people to contribute their skills and perspectives for the benefit of organizational performance and business outcomes.

Why does it matter?

Diversity is central to innovation. It brings forth new and better ways of doing things, helps us to harness the benefits of technology and improve the efficiency and quality of our services. Inclusion is the key to unlocking this potential.

When we value workplace diversity and inclusion, we see benefits such as higher employee engagement, improved performance, greater innovation, retention of talent, improved employee wellbeing and lower levels of unlawful behavior such as harassment and discrimination.

Our diversity and inclusion vision

Our goal is to create a diverse team by embracing individual skills, perspectives and experiences our people bring to the workplace and harnessing these for high performance and improve our service delivery.

The following guiding principles are key to achieving our diversity and inclusion vision. These critical success factors provide areas of focus for our diversity and inclusion actions as outlined in our supporting employee plans.


Recruiting individuals from different cultures and backgrounds


Our culture fosters access and inclusion


Providing growth opportunities within our business


We are bold and innovative with headers that pave the way

Health & Safety – Challenge Complacency

Our policy is to achieve the highest attainable level of occupational safety health and environmental working conditions for its employees, contractors, visitors and other persons throughout all areas of its activities. .

Finlay Group has introduced a long-standing intervention “Challenge Complacency”. The drive was to improve the skill of the natural leaders in the team and to give the teams a voice on safety procedures and actions. “Challenge Complacency” was also the driving force for the behavior-based observation system implementation. The use of this slogan has assisted the focus on hazard management and trends, which enable the business to target critical risks.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Everyone has the right to return home safely every day