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Our Company

Finlay Group is a Perth based commercial building and construction firm founded by Xavier McKeon and Enzo Scarvaci.

Finlay Group is registered with The Builders Registration Board of Western Australia and members of the Master Builders Association.

Finlay Group have a broad range of experience across several sectors of the commercial building and construction industry giving our clients full confidence in the finished project.

With our quality management systems, professional staff and our own team of trades people, we are able to perform to a high level of service.

This gives Finlay Group the opportunity to drive the programme forward and establish a flexible and co-operative culture onsite, in turn motivating others and maintaining a high level of control over any project.

Our workforce is well trained and qualified in their given fields which cements our good reputation and ensures that your projects receive a commitment to quality finishes and efficient completion.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the innovative future or building and construction in Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to form trusting and enduring partnerships with our clients and all stakeholders to create value by providing quality, timely, cost effective and innovative solutions.

Our Business Model

Finlay Group's unique business model embraces our client focused, relationship-based approach aimed at maximum optimization and development throughout each cycle whilst refining, and above all, maintaining focus and commitment through each stage of the planning process.

The initial focus is on creating value for the client.

Our team can confidently fulfil our clients' requirements

At Finlay Group we believe that value can only be created by working jointly with the client, seeking their input and ideas at all stages of the project in order to provide an end product that meets the client's demand yet exceeds their expectations.

Through constant liaison and consultation with our clients throughout the construction phase of a project, we strengthen client confidence, improve profitability and provide market advantage for both parties.

By following our proven, results-driven process during the construction phase, our team can confidently fulfil our clients' requirements.

Effective management of our team and processes is further supported by vast industry experience and knowledge which reinforces the confidence and strength of our business focus.